3 Dimensional Ceramic Art

Inside the Stunning 3 Dimensional Ceramic Art of Carla Niehaus.

Ceramic artwork has been part of the human experience for thousands of years. Developed from the manipulation of clay bodies that have been fired within a kiln, 3 dimensional ceramic art can take almost any shape, style, or idea that you have in mind. Historians have traced the development of ceramics back to nearly 24,00 BC where ceramic art was found within Czechoslovakia marked with animals, humans, and other geometric shapes. Now thousands of years later, I am proud to offer my ceramic work to aspiring clients.

The Intriguing World of Ceramics.

Ceramic artwork is as fascinating as it is rife with history. The development of ceramics includes a combination of utility and artwork and we can see how this story tracks in cultures around the world. From the work of Ancient Egyptians to the ancient civilizations of South America, ceramic pottery always finds a way to survive and to tell a story of the people and places that it has touched. With this same lense of thought, I have developed my love and affinity for ceramics and what messages I can leave behind.
While we have changed markedly in terms of technological advancement, the creation of 3 dimensional ceramic art is still as organic and classical as you could hope for. Ceramic products nowadays are still shaped by hand before being delivered to the kiln where they are fired at temperatures of up to 800' Celsius. This ancient process has been shown to be of therapeutic value as well, causing many people around the world to take up the crafting of ceramic artwork for their own peace of mind.

Why Should YOU Buy Ceramic Art?

Now that you understand the history of ceramics and the advantages of practicing the trade, you have to ask yourself what Niehaus Fine Art can offer you! I've been developing my artistic endeavors since I was a young child. By the age of 11, I was showing my work at galleries throughout the area. From Boston to Connecticut and everywhere in between, my work would end up on display in galleries and by private collectors.

Should you wish to bring home your own piece of ceramic art, consider heading to my Etsy page to see all of my newest products. My stoneware and ceramic work features Raku urns, my handmade canisters, and even a variety of handmade jars in styles, shapes, and styles of all kinds.

I began working as an artist at a young age and my pursuit would lead to the Miami University (OHIO) where I would earn my Master's Degree in Painting. Now focused on sharing my appreciation for the Berkshire area through paintings and ceramics, I hope that you will find something of substance for your home!

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