Adult Painting Workshops

Embrace Your Talent With Adult Painting Workshops, Today!

Have you been looking to practice your painting skills? Are you finally ready to spend more time developing the hobbies that make you feel happy, content, and at peace? For many, 2 dimensional painting can be a great way to blow off some steam, find peace of mind, and create something beautiful all at the same time. If you are looking for adult painting workshops to hone your skills, it would be my honor to assist you in the process. Let's see what my adult painting workshop can do for you!

First and foremost, signing up for adult painting workshops can be a great way to awaken your love for art. Painting workshops are low-intensity experiences where we coalesce around our love of artwork and creativity. While progress is our focus, judgment is not passed onto anyone. If you have a love for painting and can maneuver a brush, you'll benefit from learning at one of my workshops!

Not only have I been working in the field as a 2 dimensional painting professional, but I also have many examples of my work available on Niehaus Fine Art. I work in watercolor, oils, and acrylics and you can find examples of each when you browse my gallery or Etsy Shop. These paintings show the skills that I have honed over a lifetime of work within the arts. From my time at Anderson University to graduating from Miami University (OHIO) with my M.A. in Painting, my affinity and appreciation for creating have not faltered.

If you are ready to start progressing toward your painting goals, consider signing up for one of the adult painting workshops found on my website. Together, we'll delve into your skills, hone techniques, and learn everything we can about painting in between.

Niehaus Fine Art offers affordable original artwork, ceramics, and adult painting workshops at your convenience.

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