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Enjoy Contemporary Fine Art Set in Nature by Carla Niehaus.

There are few better ways to spice up the decor in a room than by the addition of contemporary fine art. Fine art comes in a variety of styles based upon the work of the artist in question. With that being said, there are standardized definitions that we can ascribe to certain sects of the art world. Today, I want to walk you through the world of contemporary fine art so that you may understand the work that I do at Niehaus Fine Art! By the end of our discussion, I hope you will be prepared to look at my work with a new perspective.

What Is Fine Art?

Fine art is a nebulous term that is as vague as it is unhelpful. Fine art was developed as a term ahead of the turn of the 20th century where the phrase 'artist' was typically applied only to those working in painting, sculpting, or printmaking. This distinction may have fallen out of favor over time as we have developed a more well-rounded and open understanding of what contemporary fine art can be.

While fine art may call the 19th century its place of origin, contemporary art is all about capturing the present moments through a fresh set of eyes. When contemporary artists work on their projects, they can combine ideology, principle, and artistic concepts into a whole new bundle of artistic creativity and fine art production. For that reason, some of the most exciting works in the art world are coming from artists that consider themselves on the contemporary art spectrum!

Improve Your Home With Niehaus Fine Art.

Understanding fine art and learning to appreciate it are two different concepts entirely. With that being said, I believe that the work I offer through Niehaus Fine Art is not only distinct but also pleasing to a wide range of consumers. I work with acrylics, watercolors, and oil on canvas. My works range in size depending on the scope of the project with larger pieces like 'Wetlands at the Bantam River' sitting on a 30 x 40 canvas.

Should you wish to receive your own fine art, you may take the time to go through my Etsy Shop and Online Gallery. Once inside, you will find your way to a host of paintings that I have put together to commemorate my time in nature as well as my appreciation for the Berkshire area and its vast natural beauty.

Niehaus Fine Art was established to offer the world a taste of the work that I pour into my art. I grew up in Ohio with a family that focused on creative endeavors. After attending Anderson University where I would Major in Art Education, I would land my M.A. in Painting from Miami University (Ohio). My work has been featured in galleries throughout Florida, Connecticut, and Ohio.

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