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Expressive Fine Art

Carla’s Expressive Fine Art and The Emotions it Evokes

Fine art may be aesthetically pleasing or send a message, but most of us are first and foremost attracted to art by how it makes us feel. Carla Niehaus knows this well, and seeks to create expressive fine art that arouses introspection and brings back pleasant memories. Here are some of Carla’s own words on the emotions her paintings have evoked in the past:

“The colors and lines of my paintings bring forth memory or experience, allowing each client to interact with a painting in their own way. This often results in a continuing journey into the piece for a lifetime of enjoyment. For the home, dining room, family room, or bedroom, my paintings offer an array of moods. Some are very relaxing, with soothing, calming elements-  while others offer opportunities for exciting interactions.

Often clients tell me that one of my paintings helped them get through serious hard times. I have been contacted numerous times by individuals experiencing tremendous health challenges in a hospital where they were able to get hours of joy from exploring my painting. Clients also let me know that my paintings are being passed down to their children, since they have been coveted by the family for a lifetime.”

These kinds of deep connections are surprising but common for viewers of Carla’s abstract art. These textured oil paintings and watercolors are specific enough to involve yourself, yet loose enough to put your own interpretation on the scene. Carla Niehaus Fine Art is especially excellent for usage in quiet spaces, where the viewer will be able to dwell on the painting in uninterrupted, passing moments. If you're interested in owning some of this deeply expressive fine art for yourself, just reach out to us to arrange a purchase.

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