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Home Art Decor

Appealing Home Art Decor and Office Decor

Decorating your home or office in a way that feels truly unique and sophisticated isn’t a matter of money alone. It’s about finding appealing art decor that stands out for its originality, its taste, and the feelings it can impart to every viewer. Carla Niehaus has been selling her paintings to discerning buyers seeking business and home art decor for many decades. As time goes on, the enthusiasm and attachment these display pieces have generated for their owners has only increased.

Carla’s works are perfect for anyone seeking original modern office paintings. Many corporate clients have purchased her paintings through interior design firms, for projects large and small. Any size acquisition, from 1 to 20 + canvas and watercolor paintings is possible with Carla’s output. Often, her paintings are chosen to set the tone of a boardroom, or the President’s and executive officers’ offices. They represent a passion for the landscape that surrounds the company offices with a flair for the contemporary.

Carla’s paintings also project a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for the home, waiting rooms, building lobbies, and other public spaces. The artwork has a universal appeal that will give the room a positive presence, but also bears the distinction and technical artistry to present a unique point of view. In summary, Niehaus Fine Art is excellent home art decor, and a fine addition to any business’s art collection. To make a purchase, reach out to us today.

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