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Nature Art

Nature Art to Connect Your Space to Free and Wild Places

Have you been frustrated by being stuck indoors too often, or do you just wish your home or office felt a little more open and natural? Nature art from Carla Niehaus is a great answer to these troubles. Her paintings of the forests, streams, and hills of Connecticut are an instant portal to the outdoors, conveyed in open, expressive brush strokes. 

When asked about the evocative nature of her nature art, Carla had this to say: “I like the viewer to connect with a painting or ceramic piece by following the broken lines, connecting the light and dark passages, and to stretch to step across the stream or waterfall, to bring a childhood memory, or experience of solitude, to the forefront. This referencing of a memory or experience allows each client to interact with a painting in their own way, often resulting in a continuing journey into the piece for a lifetime of enjoyment.”

While many of Carla’s paintings are either custom-commissioned or arranged through personal contact and discussion, a few, such as her flower paintings, are occasionally available as prints through her Etsy shop. However you would like to obtain a piece of Niehaus Fine Art, we would be happy to provide you with one of these transformative artworks. Hanging these paintings in your home, office, waiting room, or public space will instantly connect it to free and wild spaces beyond your walls.

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