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New England Artist

Custom Artwork from A New England Artist

Any of Carla Niehaus’s artwork makes a fantastic addition to your home or office, but if you are seeking an additional level of customization or communication, we encourage you to pursue a commission with her. Simply by reaching out to us through this website, you can begin discussing what kind of custom artwork you would like from this experienced and cherished New England artist.

Carla has experience with creating custom size paintings from 8 x10 to 30 x 40 in. oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, for both single and multiple acquisitions. Anything from a single painting to more than 20 may be possible with planning and discussion. The subject matter will always be landscape in Carla’s established painting style. She provides each client with rough sketches of the scene and location before she begins the commission.

Carla also enjoys commissions for watercolor paintings at the 22 x 30 image size. She must be able to visit the site of the landscape location to photograph and experience the scene. Carla then produces 2 or 3 paintings for the client’s selection, and retains the remaining unchosen paintings. If you’re interested in Carla’s striking raku urns, she also offers customized versions of these pottery treasures by commission.

Whether you want a large format painting or an eye-catching pottery vase, custom artwork from Niehaus Fine Art can fulfill your needs. Reach out today for a rare opportunity to work with Carla Niehaus, a highly trained and practiced New England artist.

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