Original Paintings By Local Artist

Stunning Original Paintings by Local Artist Can Be Found at Niehaus Fine Art.

For as long as we have been working with oil, oil canvas paintings have reigned supreme as unique and invigorating artistic productions. The origins of oil paintings can be traced back to Southern Europe where early artists would combine and compound animal fats with other ingredients to craft the first form of oil paints. These paints were used throughout the walls of the grotto until the 15th Century when Jan Van Eyck began developing proper oil paintings derived from nuts and linseed oil. Here at Niehaus Fine Art, I endeavor to offer my clients access to oil original paintings by local artist and professionals. Let's take a moment to walk you through my work.

Why Consider Oil Canvas Paintings?

As one of the most dominant artistic mediums in the history of art, oil painting has scored its spot atop the ladder of creativity. The reason that many artists turn to oil is simple, the medium is creative and flexible allowing for versatility of concepts that other mediums simply cannot match. As we noted above, the origins of oil paintings can be traced back to the 15th Century when the first oils were properly developed.

As a lifelong artist who has spent a considerable amount of time switching between acrylics, oils, and watercolors, I can say with confidence that some of my finest work has been done with oil on canvas. As most of the artwork we are familiar with during the American Revolution were of oil paintings, it also feels distinctly American to pursue this medium.

There are many advantages of working with oil painting and that surely informs the work that I do on my oil canvas paintings. Among the most notable advantages are the hard wearing colors that blend well and dry slowly. Watercolor paints often have the advantage of being free and exposed to the air without fears of drying.

Should you like to bring home your oil original paintings by local artist and painters, consider some of the amazing work that I've showcased at Niehaus Fine Art. As a lifelong creative artist from Ohio, I have spent much of my life trying to spread the word and beauty that the right oil canvas paintings can provide.

There are many amazing oil paintings available for sale through my Etsy Shop at Niehaus Fine Art. There you will find access to a range of my newest works including my 2019 - 2020 Autumn and Winter campaign. These works are 10 x 14 and they will arrive at your home on matted 16 x 20 canvas with an acid-free white mat and a mounted acid-free foam core.

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