Watercolor Art

Gorgeous Watercolor Art Can Add Another Dimension to Your Home.

A history of watercolor art can lend credence to the work being done by your favorite local artist. Watercolor painting can be traced back to the Paleolithic Ages were ancient man painted on walls with creative compounds of charcoal, ocher, and other natural materials. Over the years, our understanding of watercolor art has taken a page from Egypt, China, and the rest of Asia ultimately leading to major advancements in the 16th century. I say all of this so that you understand why I take such pride in my watercolor art.

There is a rich history to watercolor art and more passion on my behalf because of it. Watercolor artwork is creative, visually striking, and unbelievably versatile. Here at Niehaus Fine Art, I focus on crafting watercolor art projects that capture the true beauty of the Berkshire area. My affinity for nature guides me and my appreciation for history ensures that I am doing my work justice.

If you are looking to bring home some creative watercolor art to hang in your living room or creative space, I would invite you to take a look through my gallery. Having been painting since childhood, it has taken years for me to hone my skills to the point that you see before you. I attended and graduated from both Anderson University and Miami University (OHIO) with a Master's Degree in Painting. My work has been featured in galleries across Florida, Ohio, and Connecticut. Private collectors of my work include the United Bank and Trust, General Electric Corp, Yale-New Haven Hospital, and the coveted Four Star Gallery in Indianapolis, IN.

After you've spent time browsing my watercolor art, I invite you to head to my Etsy Shop to bring home one of your own. Please contact me with any questions about my work or your final product when you order an item.

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