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Forest Paintings

Connect to The Spirit of Natural Places with Forest Paintings from Niehaus Fine Art

Even as we move away from the woods, streams, and hills, our love of these wild places grows. Just about everyone has a primal, simple appreciation of natural beauty, even those who grew up in cities. Carla Niehaus understands this appeal, and how it ties back to the dreams and feelings of our youth. In her forest paintings, memory and fantasy combine to form a unique and evocative depiction of nature.

Carla chose the Berkshire, CT area as her residence because she was compelled by its appearance and believes it serves to develop her style. The natural beauty of the terrain inspires her — from the mountains and rolling hills to the streams, waterfalls, and birch groves. Over the years, her gardens have become an additional source of inspiration for her luminous painting style.

Carla uses a variety of techniques in her paintings, including impasto acrylic art. She builds thick layers of paint up on the canvas and shapes them, creating a dimensional, textured work of art that defies the flatness that traditional paintings can bear. All of this comes together in a fearless, intuitive expression of the world before her. While creating waterfall paintings, for example, Carla looks at the water, as the brush applies the paint in big movements- like the image goes straight from her eyes to her arms, to the end of the brush- and spends no time banging around in the brain, getting overcooked.

Niehaus Fine Art paintings bring back memories of an encounter with the landscape, offering a place for meditation, and a recollection of experiences cherished. These stream and forest paintings are more than a depiction of a beautiful landscape- they are an understated echo of our feelings and dreams. To discuss a purchase of one of Carla’s paintings, contact us today.

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