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Raku Urns

Beautiful Handmade Jars and Raku Urns From Niehaus Fine Art.

Pottery stands on the mountaintop of artistic human expansion. As one of the oldest inventions in noted human history, pottery has been around long before the world as we know it today! Pottery can be traced back to the Neolithic period with some items dating in at 29,000 BC! With such an ancient form of artwork and utility, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by choices when you decide to start shopping for yourself. Today, I want to introduce you to my handmade jars, handmade cannisters, and beautiful Raku Urns. By the end of our conversation, I hope you'll be ready to take home the beautiful stoneware that meets your needs.

The Exciting History of Raku Urns.

Let's start by discussing, perhaps, the most interesting form of pottery that I craft by hand, Raku Urns. Raku urns are created from a traditional process that can be followed back to Japan. Raku follows the firing process developed by Japanese stoneworkers which includes removing the urn from the kiln at the maximum temperature. After removing the urn from the red-hot kiln, the raku urn is placed in a container that is brimming with organic materials such as straw, flowers, or leaves. The urn will go on to ignite all of the organic material while the sealed container creates a temperature that fosters the creation of unique textures.

Raku urns are incredibly beautiful and you can see plenty of them for sale on my official website. With that being said, these handmade cannisters are also incredibly important for families that are grieving or are looking to honor someone from their past. Raku urns have been used frequently to host the ashes of a lost loved one. Due to their natural look and splendor as well as the organic materials used to color and mark them, these handmade jars have a lot to offer. You will find various sizes of handmade jars and Raku urns on my Etsy shop and in my demonstration gallery linked on my professional website.

Bring Home Handmade Cannisters!

While we have traced the roots of pottery back to the Neolithic period of the earth's history, the form of art and utility is still broadly popular to this day. As more people look into pottery to improve their artistic abilities, the field itself has become increasingly popular. From the delicately designed Raku urns to the massive handmade cannisters on display in my Etsy Store, there is always something for everyone.

I began seeking a life in artwork at a young age. By the time that I was 11, I was showcasing my works in galleries throughout Connecticut, Florida, and Ohio. My work has been featured at the Four Star Gallery in Indianapolis as well as The Signature Gallery in West Hartford, CT, for more than 20 years.

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